Religious Education

Religious Education Goals

Fall 2020

The goal of the Religious Education Program at St. Thomas Parish is to pass on the Catholic faith in Jesus Christ that we have received, with a view to initiating the children into the fullness of the Christian life.

This program recognizes the parents as the primary educators of their children, especially in the catechesis of the Catholic faith. Parents will be expected to pass on the faith we have received by helping their children with the lessons as they are presented online by our catechists, regular Mass attendance as each family deems safe, and especially in this time of anxiety about Covid-19, to practice the faith through popular piety by such means as the TV Mass, praying the Rosary, and reading the Bible as a family.

Classes for Grades K-6 will be online, with some in-person activities.

Parental participation is expected especially for younger students. When attending in-person activities, each child must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, or other caring adult designated by the parent/guardian, to ensure proper safety and social distancing as required at the time of the activity in compliance with expectations expressed by the VT Dept of Health and the Diocese of Burlington.

If you have any questions about the Religious Education Program at St. Thomas Parish contact Laura Lynch Wells at 802-899-4770, or email at