Confirmation Program

Confirmation Program

Parish Priest: Rev. Christopher Micale
Office phone at St. Thomas: 802-899-4632
Office phone at St. Mary’s: 802-644-5073
Fax: 802-899-5120


Confirmation brings to fullness that life in the Holy Spirit into which we were first initiated at Baptism.  To that end the Confirmation Program at St. Thomas Church seeks to integrate the basic elements and tenets of the Catholic Faith previously received. 


Those preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation will engage in class lessons and discussions.  Lessons will include such topics as:  God’s revelation to mankind, the human person as imago Dei, review of Sacramental theology, moral decision making, the Church as agent of salvation, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, discussion of Old Testament in light of New Testament teaching, the various forms of prayer and its necessity in the life of the Christian, and issues of social justice as they apply to the Christian in the modern world.


Program components in addition to class attendance include, community service, and attendance at a one-day retreat.  Regular attendance at Holy Mass is the heart of Catholic life and from which all programs find their source.  Therefore weekly attendance at Holy Mass is expected of all Confirmation candidates. 


All forms are on-line. Please click on the link below.